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al manager of the group's chairman Zhou Jiping transferred, and former chairman Jiang Jiemin had been appointed director of SASAC post.Liao Yongyuan, deputy general manager of CNPC Previously, party members, still serves as executive director and vice president of China National Petroleum Corporation.Informed sources said, before Jiang Jiemin as director of SASAC, Liao Yongyuan ranking Chinese CNPC fourth partreebok gl 6000 australia  y, the top three were Jiang Jiemin, born in 1952, Zhou Jiping, deputy general manager of the group, and was born in 1953 director Li Xinhua.According to China National Petroleum Corporation website news, May 13, China National Petroleum Corporation announced the party held an enlarged meeting Liao Yongyuan took office. Central Organization Department cadre of five gross fixed by the Secretary of the meeting, said Liao Yongyuan long-term work in the oile, "the railway has been liquidated, the law must be compliance.""China Economic Weekly" reporter found that the fate of the ups and downs of this railway Behind gene between the railway system and the public funding of the collision, a billion dollars of investment have thus reached an impasse.A year has not passed the acceptance opening and operation of the lineAccording to the original plan, with the opening of the conditions of this general cargo line just YuGan railway line construction plans in a yard. Nanchang Railway Bureau, Yugan county government signed in August 2010 "on the new railway line Yugan yard Agreement" clear, "the two sides agreed to open fork study in huangjinbu K18 dedicated line at the plant, the new railway line (including general cargo line and offloading lines). "Agreement mentioned in the "Golden Port plant dedicated l

ine" is affiliated with Guodian Power Co.'s Golden Port, is a 2004 coal had been planning to build a dedicated line, built general cargo lines and planned unloading line through its dock, railway standards "artery" Wangan Line painting Bridge Station (located Yujiang).And general cargo line is different is that the plant is not involved in the country dedicated line flow of goods. Huangjinbu Power Company Limitnike air max thea australiaed Logistics Department director Jin Jianzhong told the "China Economic Weekly": "was originally used to transport bulky equipment generator, and later used to meet the needs of daily coal only brought into not shipped out, is actually a kinds of vehicle handover, strictly speaking, there is no real Yugan railroad. "Initially, Yugan county government is to see the use of this special line resource value, therefore, the construction of a railway line to the secondary "curve" standards Wangan line, thus ending the current situation of the county "zero railroad" idea came into being .Yugan Poyang Lake is located in the south bank. "Because of the perennial low water level of Poyang Lake, water resource d

epletion, and brought into production and subsistence agricultural shipped only rely on road transport, high logistics costs, restricting economic development is still a major bottleneck ...... YuGan railway line opened as soon as possible Yard is particularly urgent. "Yugan in the Ministry of Transport of the material in the form says.August 2010, Nanchang Railway Bureau and Yugan county government signed a framework contract; November 2010, the project started.Two years later, in August 2012, Nanchang Railway Bureau under the Beijing-Kowloon logistics limited liability company (the "Beijing-Kowloon logistics" below), Yugan county voted Railway Logistics Limited (the "City Investment railway") as the two real operating platform, they signed a "joint venture agreement of intent" model of cooperation and other issues involving the distribution of benefits. The same month, Nanchang Railway Bureau issued the "industrial park on the Beijing-Kowloon railway logistics Yugan lines Wangan Line Art Bridge Station and the National Rail standards of advice," agreed standards.January 8, 2013, general cargo line project through t   nike air max 2014 mensechnical inspection.Everything appears to be a matter of course, who do not have expect the next two years will be blank time. City Investment railway l   nike air max 2014 mens

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 system, familiar with the China National Petroleum Corporation's overall situation, "after a workout multiple positions with local government work experience, more experienced grass-roots work. "Informed sources said that in internal Chinese oil group, to Liao Yongyuan evaluation is good, because he is in charge of technology mouth, great

capacity, mainly in charge of engineering and technology. From drilling to the ground engineering, he is responsible for. "Zhou Jiping Li Xinhua age and relatively large, Liao Yongyuan echelon more advantages, on top of that he is very optimistic, but can rise to the post of the chairman of the oil that is not clear, because of the high 'three major oil' between tubes are often used interchangeably. "Liao Yongyuan checked resume shows, Liao Yongyuan is a professor-level senior engineer with nearly 30 years of working experience in China's oil and gas industry, from June 1996 to September 1999, he served successively Petroleum Corporation New Exploration and Development Deputy Director of the Department, Tarim Petroleum Exploration and Development Headquarters Command, Tarim Oilfield Company, general manager and other staff.October 2001, deputy director Liao Yongyuan attachment, deputy secretary of Gansu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, in January 2004, assistant general manager of CNPC, in November 2005 was appointed vice president of China National Petroleum, either in February 2007 Deputy General Manager
he party Liao Yongyuan Hunan Provincial Governor Du cents a line. The two sides will strengthen the construction of natural gas supply and pipeline depth exchanges, said it would further strengthen cooperation, and create more favorable conditions for the "gasification Hunan" to promote economic and social development to achieve a win-win enterprise. This is the final event of its presence, but the message has been deleted in 石油官 net.This is the second oil central inspection teams to accept a two-month tour of 16 days from the Liao Yongyuan May 13, 2013 has served as general manager of the oil is less than two years. During his tenure as general manager at the beginning, has been speculation that it might be retiring chairman Zhou Jiping, PetroChina's s

uccessor.Liao Yongyuan "not tall, slightly rich state, also spoke with a southern accent," known as the "oil tigers" in the "Northwest tiger", but he is not actually the northwest, but in 1962 was born in Hubei a village in the province SongZiShi.Liao Yongyuan 30 years in the oil career practitioners, primarily focused on upstream oil and gas exploration and pipeline fields. Although it is authentic majors in college, but after Jianghan Petroleum Institute (now Yangtze University) and East China Petroleum Institute (now the China University of Petroleum (East China)) study ended, Liao Yongyuan's career is not easy.After graduating from college, Liao always start from the well site and began to work, and gradually rose to captain. However, he had suffered a blow in 1 reebok gl 6000 sale988, is a line and position in the end, a variety of reasons it is difficult to verify.Liao Yongyuan career is truly usher in turn volunteered to participate in the 1994 Battle of Tarim exploration. With the Tarim Oilfield subsequent years of proven reserves and production continues to leap, Liao Yongyuan also come to the fore in the oil inside, 37-year-old general manager, that is, when the Tarim Oilfield. "Northwest Tiger" fame is resulting.Liao Yongyuan's career since then it seems quite smooth until a decade later, they experienced a blow. July 16, 2010, Dalian International Logistics Co., crude oil pipeline explosion in the library, causing fires and cause a lot of pollution caused by oil spills, caused several casualties. In November 2011, as oil Safety Director Liao never be punished demerit. March 7, Jiangxi Shangrao City Yugan gold (1154.2

eters of private depot. Yugan Industrial Park railway line crossed between the State Power huangjinbu power plants and cement plants, extending to the logistics park. 3.98 km short of this can be used as a dedicated line Nanchang Railway Bureau, the county government, private enterprise cooperation model for the three, but at the last minute can be opened operations Youxian waves.From August 2009 the project date, this has invested tens of millions, to be known as the "Industrial Park railway line Yugan yard" of the project, has hesitated for nearly six years, the original partners have a resort to arms.Yugan County January 30 this year, the Ministry of Transport to submit reports contain his grievances: "So far, no general cargo line opening and operation of the Nanc nike flyknit max australia hang Railway Bureau has reported that the construction of the railway line and offloading convergence Corporation has not filed started to related businesses already caused significant damage, severely hampering the development of the county industrial park. "Railway authorities concerned who is on the "China Economic Weekly" said that the delay is due to open before the signing of the agreement in dispute. And the project partners - Ming, chairman of the local private enterprise group stressed leaf Japanese peopl

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did not disclose the source of foreign mining. Reporters learned that China Taiwan and South Korea within the estate 4K panel and the Department of Japanese 4K panel is still not a small price difference.In addition, a person in charge of Korean reporters broke the news to spread 4K panel industry insider. The company has two types of 4K panel A refresh rate is 120HZ, one is 240HZ. Refresh rate refers to the electron beam to scan the image on the screen, the number of repeats. The higher the refresh rate, the displayed image (screen), the better the stability. Refresh rate will directly determine 4K panel prices, 240HZ panel 120HZ panel price is about twicenike air max thea womens   the price. "We have developed according to the needs of customers accounted for two of the panel. The current situation on the feedback from a digital point of view, that is 4K TV available at the beginning, 240HZ products accounted for a larger proportion of the current 120HZ panel has the potential to overtake." This is responsible person said.4K really achieve not only 4K panel, also requires specialized subsequent treatment process i

n order to achieve full 4K. Skilled workers told reporters that, even when using the same panel, the number of different back-end engine chip, cable, shows different results, such as the cable from the circuit to the panel is 16, the display is 4K × 2K effect, and if 8 is 4K × 1K, 4K is the so-called partial products.4K chip is whether there are differences in the front panel is an independent, integrated chip display panel less independent. Chip makers have told reporters that the current 4K chip is divided into two types, one is a 32-bit chip, one is a 16-bit chip. Determine the difference between ICs speed imaging speeds.Panel, process engineering, chips, three factors above factors determine the cost difference, the reaction is not the same terminal in price.Beijing Culture Communication Co., Goldman Kyrgyzstan Lions chief analyst Ma Junying believe at first 4K TV machine manufacturers to higher pr nike air max 2013 womens icing is to improve profitability by 4K; but then more quickly to seize the whole plant hope in the launch of two 4K market, so there have been widespread 4K machine price. TV terminal price will increase consumer acceptance of 4K and 4K so as to enhance penetration. This is undoubtedly a positive phenomenon across MILL.But industry insiders have expressed concern that part of it is false 4K 4K popularity could hurt the industry. Display relies heavily on word of mouth spread, if false 4K to consumers caused by the stereotype, the pace of dev

elopment will hurt the entire industry.How to help consumers identify "true" 4K, director of standards compliance test center Ministry of digital TV Zhangsu Bing told reporters that, technically speaking, a true 4K products, from the chip to the screen to software design and other aspects of the combined effect should be achieved. Currently Institute of Standardization is also developing 4K standard. After the introduction of product standards, performance indicators will be clearly defined, and there is a uniform test methods. According to this method, to achieve the performance requirements, 4K is the real product. Now standard manuscript may have been completed, you may go through comments, discussions and other processes. After the introduction of the standard, certification bodies, testing agencies will carry out related testing and certification, to be followed to idennike air max 1 australia tify qualified products posted for consumers to buy. Sina Financial News March 16 message, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website 20:15 minute news release, general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation (11.20, 0.14, 1.27%), natural gas Liao Yongyuan alleged serious violation of the law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. The data show that the oil in the anti-corruption storm, from executives to the middle, there are already more than 45 people checked.In addition, on March 10, the company general manager, met with members of t

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